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Become an Affiliate for Educating For Success, Inc.!

Earn 50% on each sale!

Rhea Perry

Educating For Success, Inc.

Becoming an Affiliate with us
is Easy and FREE!

Want to Join?


Directions: To join the Educating For Success Membership site's Affiliate Program:

  • Click the link below.

  • Enter in your personal information and click "submit."

  • You will receive an email that contains your User ID and Password. Print that page and save the email in an important file.

You may add your affiliate ID to any page URL at EFS. For example, if you wish to send someone an affiliate link to the EFS Publishing Portal page you would find the link to that page from any left-hand navigation page under Portals and then add an ending which contains your affiliate ID [ the username you chose when you signed up as an affiliate like "yourownIDhere" ].

Put it after the = sign exactly like this: ?affID=yourownIDhere - added to the end of the link:



Want to be an Affiliate for Other of Educating for Success Events and Classes?


Already an Affiliate
for other EFS
Events and Classes?

Login and follow your sales
any time of the day or night.

Directions: To Get Your Affiliate Links

  • Login - Enter your affiliate ID number and password to login

  • Select - "Links & Marketing Tools" from the menu

  • Choose - In the "Choose a Program" drop down section, choose the name of the event you want to promote, then click on the "Display Link" button.

    Wait for the new webpage for that event to load.

  • Look - for the box with a URL in it. The URL you are looking for will look something like this: http://www.autopilotriches.com/app/?Clk=11111
    Above the box it says, "Simply copy and paste the code below into your website or your particular application."

  • Click on URL in the box, and it will be high-lighted. This is your affiliate link for the event you chose.

  • Test - Copy and paste the link to a browser to test it. If it takes you to the website that you are promoting, then you have the right link.

  • Use - this affiliate link to promote Rhea's events!

  • Affiliate Toolbox

    Find affiliate resources here!

    Directions: FIRST login to the Affiliate Center above and get your affiliate link. Then come back here and get resources to help you promote the event of your choice!

    Affiliate Toolbox

If You Are New, Please Note:

Educating For Success, Inc. will appear on the registration form.

If you use AOL, look for an email containing your affiliate ID in your SPAM folder. If you don't receive it within 30 minutes, email me. That email contains your affiliate ID, your log in information, your user ID, and your password.

Add Rhea@EducatingForSuccess.com to your safe list or contacts list, so you don't miss any future emails.

I will send you several more emails with helpful information, including a sample e-mail invitation to send to your friends, family, and customers that you can customize if you want to.

Once you get your affiliate link for a particular event, you can use it in emails and on websites to promote that event.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and registers for the conference, your affiliate code will ensure that you get credit for their sale. After they attend the conference, you will be paid a 50% commission on their registration.